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FROM 4 PM TO 7.30 PM
Mentor Feedback Carousel
In Mentor Feedback Carousel IdeaLab's STARTER program teams will present their ideas to our mentors, get some professional feedback and valuable contacts!  

Mentor Feedback Carousel is a mentoring event for STARTERlab teams. During the event, each team gets 13 min per mentor to ask feedback about their idea. See the profile of mentor,  approach them, pitch your idea and find out what they think.

If you hear change signal, share your last words and move on to other mentors so all teams get an opportunity to talk to all mentors.


Play Money! (Investing game)

Who collects the biggest amount of “paychecks?”

Each mentor has 3 “paychecks”: 100 000 eur; 50 000 eur and 10 000 eur. They can give all to one team or share it between teams.They make their decision at the end of the day by placing checks into the envelope with the team name on it.

Who has the biggest amount of investment at the end of the day is the winner and gets the prize!


16.00 - 16.05  Check-in & opening words

16.05 - 17.15 Round 1 - Round 5

17.15 - 17.30 Coffee & snack break

17.30 - 19.20 Round 6 - Round 12

19.20 - 19.30 Mentors deliver paychecks

19.30 Crowning the winner of the “Play Money” game!


Vaido Mikheim - Vaido is a business mentor with a long-time experience mentoring early-stage startups both in Estonia and internationally. Currently, he is working as a Project Manager in Tartu Science Park.

Taavi Tamm - Taavi launched his very first business when he was a first-year student in College – and he failed. He tried again and again until he figured out how to do it. Lately, he has been working as a Service Design Strategist for WAE in NYC. Today he’s a freelance service designer, trainer and an entrepreneur. 

Sven Parkel -  UT Expert on International Business Cooperation and technology transfer. Experience with biotechnology, chemistry, and general business development.

Jaan Saks -Jaan (Sportlyzer) is a sports enthusiast, digital marketer, CEO. He has gone through the ups and downs of a startup and has learned a lot from there.

Aivar Pere - Aivar is a senior business consultant at UT. He is a mechanical engineer with long-term experience in consulting spin-offs and startups. He also teaches entrepreneurship (how to write a business plan, product development, etc) to academic staff students. 

Denis Kovalenko - Denis is STARTER Basic programme alumnus who won the 1st place last year with his idea Will Digital.  He is studying computer sciences at UT.

Juko-Mart Kõlar -Juko-Mart Kõlar is a co-founder of Fanvestory. He is a consultant, mentor and lecturer of various courses related to creative industries. Juko-Mart also works as an Advisor on Music at the Estonian Ministry of Culture. 

Tanel Tähepõld - Co-founder of Actual Reports. Experience in launching scalable business models that link business and software development (SaaS and self-service). Strong skills in building proof of concept and MVP. Open minded, agile and enthusiastic programmer. 

Evgenia Trofimova (arrives at 18.00) - Co-founder of Sharedtrip. Evgenia has excellent skills in software project management and general business development. She has worked as a product consultant at Mooncascade and senior product manager at Oracle.  

Urmas Tross - Urmas is a lawyer and adviser who has long-term experience in business restructuring & reorganization. Urmas works as a trustee in bankruptcy; has specialized in IT and business law.

Mari-Liis Kärsten - graphic designer at Nortal. Has worked at Playtech as a Graphic Designer and Mobile Content Management & Branding Team Leader.

The event is free, but please register before on IdeaLab's webpage:
The event is funded by European Social Fund.