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Data as remedy: 24h post-truth hackathon
During 24h teams of data analysts, designers, journalists, IT-experts, social scientists etc will join their various personal and professional skillsets to find solutions to problem of evaporating truth, facts and evidence!

Why a post-truth hackathon?

Manipulation of public opinion has recently reached new heights by taking fast advantage of the diverse opportunities offered by the thriving digital media. These developments have given rise to the buzzword 'post-truth', a concept with far-reaching ramifications.

During the hackathon, we focus on the issue of trust, by aiming our attention both at the journalistic content and at the infrastructure facilitating it.

The 24h event will be held at the Spark Centre, starting with a kick-off for the teams on Friday, March 31, and closing with awards for the best solutions in the evening of April 1.

Details and registration: