5 awesome things to do at the Idea Hackathon

We picked out 5 awesome things you will be able to do at the Idea Hackathon. The event takes place on the 15th of September at 16:00 in UT Delta Centre. See you there!

1.     Find solutions to different problems and generate new innovative ideas!

The main goal of the Idea Hackathon is to generate new awesome ideas, and you will be able to do that! You can present an idea that has been in your mind for years or come up with something new on the spot! If you don’t have an idea, then not to worry! You will still get a chance to join a team and start your journey!

2.     Meet interesting people and find your future teammates!

People from all different areas of the University of Tartu and other schools will gather at the Idea Hackathon. You will get a chance to share your ideas with them and come up with something extraordinary together!

3.     Start the process of forming your idea into reality!

The Idea Hackathon will lay a foundation for the whole STARTER programme, where you can further develop your idea into reality! During the programme you will learn how to make a business plan, design your product, market your product and get advice from mentors.

4.     Get out of your comfort zone!

Presenting your idea or joining a team can seem scary at first but as previous students who have taken part in the STARTER programme will say “It was most definitely worth it!”. It will get you out of your comfort zone where most brilliant solutions are born!

5.     Learn new things!

During the Idea Hackathon and the whole STARTER programme you will learn new skills that will help you not only in the programme but in your further life. You will learn the fine art of pitching, business models, marketing and much more! Make sure to participate because it may change your life!

REGISTER to the Idea Hackathon: https://forms.gle/FEgFSrB2pLzEzB3g9

Join the Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/elePp0nA2

The Starter programme is financed by the European Social Fund.

Additional information: Kristian Kutsar, Startup Lab Communications and Marketing Specialist, 5628 6536, kristian.kutsar@ut.ee