An exciting end to the STARTERtartu programme at the Delta X finals

The STARTERtartu programme ended with an awesome pitching competition at Delta X  The teams competed for a spot to pitch at Startup Day. There were 6 teams chosen to compete in the next round.

20 teams finished the STARTERtartu Autumn programme. In the programme we had loads of ideas from different fields and many new interesting solutions to existing problems were offered. The participants started the programme by creating their business model, learning to pitch and developing their idea in the field of marketing, product design etc. They ended the programme by presenting their idea in front of judges and winning prizes. All the teams made amazing progress during the 3 months where the programme lasted.

The programme finished with the pitching competition Delta X where 8 STARTER teams competed. The teams competed in two different categories: start-up ideas and social innovation ideas. Ultimately, 6 teams were selected to compete at the pitching stage of Startup Day from which 5 were STARTER teams. Additionally, several special prizes were awarded. The best teams were selected by an experienced jury consisting of Asko Seeba, Triin Kask, Marti Soosaar, Mihkel Lees, Kristo Tõnissoo and Ott Pärna.

The STARTER teams who will compete at Startup Day pitching stage:

Baffi – an app that offers fast, safe and trustworthy nanny service

BiogasCollective – a device that creates energy from organic waste

Grable – an app that helps restaurants automate order and payment operations for a more efficient service.

Join-Up – an app that helps people meet new people with similar interests.

Transful - language learning platform that helps the learner find associations between a foreign word and its native language counterpart.

Team Grable

Grable’s team leader Samir Musali shared his thoughts on the event:” The Delta X competition went well. Honestly, we expected to reach the Startup Day competition because we prepared really well for Delta X.” He also shared Grable’s future plans:” Next steps are to keep working on the MVP and we are going to start testing in mid-January. Also, we plan to do really well at Startup Day and embed our QR codes on the food trucks so everyone can use Grable there.”

With the Delta X competition, the STARTER Autumn 2022 programme has come to an end. The next STARTERtartu programme starts on the 16th of February. Save the date!

The Starter programme is financed by the European Social Fund.

Additional information: Kristian Kutsar, Startup Lab Communications and Marketing Specialist, 5628 6536,