Designer Helen Kokk Captivated the Audience with Exciting Tasks

On one cold and gloomy evening, a group of active students with their heads filled with ideas gathered at our colorful Idea Lab, where the young bright designer and founder of YourDesignWorks Helen Kokk held a workshop focusing on web design.

She opened the event with a brilliant introduction, where she compared sloth from the seven deadly sins to the creation of Tinder. Isn't it obvious that Tinder was inspired by the lazy dater?

Participants of the workshop were divided into teams of five. Everybody in the team was assigned with a name of a famous company like Instagram, Skype and Youtube, but also Estonian-based Transferwise and Taxify. The name of each company was written on a piece of paper and glued to the forehead of one team-member. Asking only questions that can be answered with "yes" or "no", the participants had to guess the name of the company randomly assigned to them. Some found the task more easy than others. The aim of the task was to show what characterized each company.

The next assignment was to design a landing page for their product or service using programs such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Voog or just the old-school classic pen and paper. "When designing your landing page, you must always contact the end-user, they have the best ideas how to make things better," explained Helen.

The overall impression of the crowd was highly positive. Helen Kokk gave out many useful practical tips for designing webpages. We asked the participants, whether they think webdesign is important to a company and why. "The internet is where we sell ourselves on a global market. If you don't sell yourself, then you won't make any profits," explained Taavi Vanaveski, a member of UT Idea Lab team InG.

We asked Helen Kokk to describe what is a persona in the context of webdesign and what is it used for. "A persona is the end-user of a webpage. A Persona is used when there is a conflict - if you can't decide whether to go with the color red or blue, or if you don't know if whether to include a certain feature - consult your persona! The persona for your business is there to help you meet your entrepreneurial goals, the center of it all!" said Helen Kokk.

The next Idea Lab workshop will take place on April 21st. It will focus on marketing and sales in social media. You should register if you are interested in learning how to market and sell your product or service and how to reach your client base. This event will be moderated by the co-founder of 7Blaze and the head of marketing in social media at Garage48, Jaan Kruusma