Fishing, parking, networking, real estate – solving the world’s problems one small step at a time

Today „Network Globally, Act Locally 2016“ (NGAL) Tartu Camp will officially end. Students from University of Tartu, Nebraska Wesleyan and College of Charleston came together one last time in Idea Lab to practice their pitches in front of a real audience and critical judges – their peers, university faculty and startup field experts, including Yrjö Ojasaar.

Some took the stage with smiles on their faces, some with their hands shaking, some with complete poker faces, but everybody did it and they did it well. Teams had 4 minutes to pitch their idea and use visuals if necessary and 4 minutes for feedback and questions.

9 teams pitched their business ideas and models that solve problems from many different aspects of our lives, be it fishing, parking, going out, networking, real estate, finance, shopping or job-seeking.

HireYoung - A platform driven by deep linking and data analysis that helps students to start careers and maximize company’s chances to find the best candidates.

KONKU - Online platform for connecting and introducing tenants and landlords without real estate brokers.

Need2Park - Need2Park enables medium to large parking lot owners to manage their parking lots and optimize the traffic there. 

Grocery n' Go - A shopping efficiency application that saves shoppers time while driving the sales of stores.

Patch Financial - Financial education platform that works with employers to help their employees get out of debt and plan for retirement.

SipSafe - A drug-detection device aimed at preventing the instances of drug-facilitated sexual assault on and off college campuses.

Rodbug - A fishing-rod mounted activity sensor and app that automatically tracks and records where and when you get the most bites on your line.

BarFrog - A hospitality service provider that uses real time data analytics and a user integrated point of sale system, allowing bars to stay ahead of the curve, and users to master their night.

EverLink - A platform that improves  networking experience for both attendees and hosts.

Although some of the questions asked during the 4 minutes of Q&A made the teams a little uncomfortable, in the end Yrjö Ojasaar gave the teams some very positive feedback. He told that it is obvious that everybody had done a lot of work and that they are a lot further ahead than most of the startups that he has seen. Some had working prototypes, web pages, posters and even paying customers. He also mentioned that some of these ideas caught his eye for business investments and he definitely would follow up on them. If any of the teams would want some more feedback or ask questions, Yrjö Ojasaar can be found on LinkedIn.

NGAL Tartu Camp will end with a formal dinner at Atlantis restaurant, where everyone can enjoy a fun night and relax after our busy week. Next our teams will travel to Tallinn to visit our successful startups Transferwise and Pipedrive. After that it’s off to the United States, Bon Voyage! (Just when everybody got rid of their jetlag…)

We are grateful for Harry and Reba Huge Foundation for this amazing  opportunity to perfect and grow business models, experience different cultures and establish friendships.