IdeaLab invited our little friends over to spend time together and share ideas!

On Thursday, 15th of December UT IdeaLab invited over our little friends from Tartu Children's Shelter! Together we discussed future ideas, checked how a 3D printer works, played with robots, left our handprints on the IdeaLab's door, shared gifts and joy!

Although it was the first time when these kids visited IdeaLab they already had a very good understanding about what is an university, what IdeaLab does and are entrepreneurs do! According to their understanding, university is "a place where you learn lots of things and become smart", IdeaLab is a "place to create new innovative ideas" and an entrepreneur is "someone who invents new thing and bring those ideas to life".

They also had lots of great ideas to spread  – for example  teleportation watchbackpack with wings and horse robot! And as ideas alone are worthless, we also made prototypes out of modelling paste.

Prototypes of children future ideas.

Andreas, IdeaLab alumnus and leader of Brandlyse start-up, also came to IdeaLab to play with kids. "They are so smart! The boy who came up with teleportation clock, he was a real engineer - I wish I had exchanged business cards with him!" he jokes. We also had Karl-Gustav from TÜ Majandusklubi with us who helped kids to make prototypes and Alo from UT Institute of Computer Sciences who introduced kids the 3D printer and different remote control robots!

IdeaLab's Manager Maret talking to kids

Tartu Children's centre teacher Merje said that they are very happy for IdeaLab's invitation: "Kids were waiting for this day eagerly and they will remember this visit for a long time for sure." Also, she assured that they would gladly visit IdeaLab again!

IdeaLab is excited as well – since we are now officially friends with Tartu Children's Shelter, there will surely be many more fun events coming in the future! The event took place thanks to IdeaLabs initiative and support from members of Faculty of Economics.

Since it's December – Christmas time – we ended our get-together with eating with Christmas-snacks, shared gifts and also gave IdeaLab's door a new look!

Our little friends' visit will be visible for everyone now!