Previous Kaleidoskoop winners share their thoughts! Should you apply?

What are the benefits of competing in a business competition? Of course, if you end up winning Kaleidoskoop, that is surely a cherry on the top of the cake but it is far from the only benefit from entering  a pitch competition

Previous Kaleidoskoop winners share their thoughts on what they gained from the competition and how has this influenced them.

CommuniCare - Won Financial award at previous Kaleidoskoop and was selected to be the best STARTER team in 2019.

Kaleidoskoop gave CommuniCare the chance to validate our idea, get valuable early-stage mentors and help us to a big stage. Thanks to the opportunity to pitch on the Pitching Stage at sTARTUp Day, we were forced to work hard and perfect our pitch. With that, we not only won prizes from Kaleidoskoop, but actually won the title of the country's best STARTER programm. That gave us the boost that we needed to enter the real business world as a recognized company.

Münt - Won main award on at previous Kaleidoskoop - tickets to TechChill business festival.

For us it definitely gave us confidence that we were doing the right thing and motivation to go further with our idea! It is also a great test to prove your idea to experts. Why? Because in the business world you have to do that all the time. Preparation for the Kaleidoskoop helped us thoroughly analyze the shortcomings and strengths of our startup, which helped us make it even better! And of course we have to bring out the sweet awards. We won tickets to TechChill business festival in Latvia. That gave us first international experience.


A Story (jutupesa) - Won tickets  to the Educational Technology Conference EXEX.

Participation at the Kaleidoscope provided an opportunity to test the viability of our idea, and for us it was a door to the Startup Estonia community. A year ago, we won invitations to the Educational Technology Conference EXEX , which opened new doors for us. Now we have passed development programme in Ajujaht and today we will continue incubation programme at Tartu Centre for Creative Industries. All of this has been moving forward step-by-step. For all early-stage startups it is definitely worth presenting your idea at events such as the Kaleidoskoop, because you never know what new opportunities may this open up for you. 

io_developers -  Won tickets to the University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen as well as the opportunity to pitch their idea at all-estonian STARTER Finals at sTARTUp Day.

If you want to pitch your project and make startup ecosystem players aware of it, then Kaleidoscope is one of the best places to do so. In addition to its amazing atmosphere, the event gives you a chance to receive priceless feedback from the experienced jury and last, but not least an opportunity to win precious awards one of which is the ticket to the biggest business festival in Baltics - sTARTUp Day.