Student Startup Camp 2019 winners are here!

The 6th Student Startup Camp (SSC) took place on 5th to 9th of February in Tartu. The annual entrepreneurship boot camp designed to build your idea into a working prototype was organized by Garage48, UT IdeaLab and UT Institute of Computer Science and it brought together around 120 students! Student Startup Camp ended with pitching competition that was won by team DreamField. 

Team DreamField led by Juri Volodin helps farmers increase production and earn more whilst saving the environment by utilizing a novel method of soil analysis to fight overfertilization. 

The camp started on Tuesday with 90-second idea pitches. Everyone who had an idea got a chance to present it and find teammates. Out of 18 ideas pitched in the beginning 14 were kept and teams started to develop them to Minimum Viable Products. 

Teams worked hard, met with mentors (Kai Isand, Mari Hanikat, Mihkel Pukk, Maret Kruve, Chris Thompson) and heard talks from different startup founders and field experts. The camp ended on Saturday with a pitching competition where all the teams presented their products/services and progress made during the camp. The judges were Maret Ahonen (UT IdeaLab), Maret Kruve (Garage48, Pipedrive), Sven Parkel (Tartu Biotechnology Park), Jaana Metsamaa (Pipedrive) and Martin Vares (

Overall Winner

DreamField helps farmers increase production and earn more whilst saving the environment by utilizing a novel method of soil analysis to minimize overfertilization.

Juri Volodin - idea, team leader, customer relations; Taido Purason - idea, development, engineering; Ralf Tambets - research, contacts, proofreading; Marten Tamm - marketing, presenting, research; Anders Nõu - marketing, contract, research


MapTavern is a search portal for Dungeons and Dragons players. MapTavern collects and categorizes our maps so that players can find exactly the maps they want, quickly and easily.  

Robyn Laider - team leader / Buisness, Kristjan Laane - developer/design, Hanzla Sajid - Business development / marketing, Anton Perepelenko - developer, Mattias Aksli - developer / marketing / research, Kaspar Kadalipp - developer / marketing / research, Karl Johannes Balder developer / marketing / research

Best Design Special Award

PetHealth is a collaborative platform for animal healthcare. A solution that empowers your vision and enriches animal healthcare with intuitive collaboration.

Ott Tooming - team lead, full-stack developer, team lead; Kaarel Loide - front-end developer; Aksel Jänes - designer; Kustas Budrikas - designer; Anette Kuklane - Business and Marketing; Aysen Suleymanova - front-end developer; Kertrud Järg - analyst, product management

Finding the Focus Special Award

For your stunning photoshoot you need excellent gear but skip the big purchases. Lend camera equipment from locals for a reasonable fee via Lendit. A secure website where you can set up meetings with screened and verified users and rent their photography tools.

Jürgen Leppsalu - CEO, Allan Mitt-Marketing, Margus Reintam-Marketing, Patrick Lomp - Marketing, Raul Erik Kattai - front end, Magnus Paal - design, Sander Nemvalts - lead developer

Live Product Special Award

Imagine alcohol always being on sale when you buy it... well that's a reality now. Viinavaatlus is a price comparison website, which compares the price of alcoholic beverages from different stores. It shows you what stores have the best prices for any given drink.

Karl Martin Teras - CEO & Back end, Egert Metsandi and Erik Mukk - Front end, Alexander Avastu and Samuel Pitko - Back end, Hain Zuppur - Design, Rene Kütt - Marketing


Here are all the other teams that did just as great job!

We are making a centralized web portal for all the pharmacies where people can search for any medicine. And we will provide the list of pharmacies which have that medicine along with the price, distance, and address.

Ali Raza (developer), Shobit Jain(marketing and front-end developer), Naveed Ahmed Alizai (designer and front-end developer), Tekraj Chhatari (developer)

BB (Booking Beauty)
Beauty Booking is a web application that brings together beauty service providers and their customers. Costumers can find a service provider that fits their unique needs, give feedback and set appointments. We help beauty service providers to manage their schedule, get their name out and show off their amazing skills.
Rebekka Breedis- pticher & marketing; Anett Klaanberg- marketing; Maria Pibilota Murumaa- marketing; Marion Laur- developer & designer; Kristiina Keps- developer & designer; Veronika Lehesaar- developer & designer 

A safe and convenient password storage extension that utilizes Smart ID validation instead of a master password for ultimate security.

Fred Peter Boldn - team leader/marketing, Uku soome, Kristofer Kurvits, Jonathan Karu, Alar Tiideberg - developers

Web application to help production companies better plan and track their work. It acts as a platform to easily define workflows and enables tracking progress in real-time. Basically, bring innovation to production control to help achieve lean production.
Marcus Murumäe, Lead Developer; Tarmo Kullas, Developer; Karl Marten Mägi, Developer; Krister Looga, Developer; Merilin Teppo, legal advice/business analysis/customer identification; Steven Leego, business analysis/product design/customer involvement/project management/team lead

Help users find a relaxing experience in an art exhibition.
Alar Leemet (developer), Robert Sepp (developer), Timo Soiunen (developer), Janar Saks (developer), Oskar Telgmaa (designer, marketing), Eliis Vaino (marketing, team lead) 

Don't know what to cook but have the ingredients? We have the recipes you need. Just input your ingredients and we will show you possible recipes. Different recipes every day at the tip of your fingers.

Ayaka Uehara - developer & team leader; Patricia Bruno Barbosa - designer; Olumide Olugbenga Oluyide - developer; Joosep Tenn - developer; Ilaha Ahmedzade - marketing; Dina Tomoum - business; Nesma Mahmoud - machine learning 

UniQ Therapies
Some diseases are rare, their therapies should not be. We connect patients to promising upcoming clinical trials.

Nihat Aliyev - team lead, contacting clients and industry; Nadeem Muhammed - backend developer; Gleb Kovalev - designer; Rasmus Maide - developer; Hendrik Shuvalov - developer; Perseverance Munga - developer

Book a ride using USSD menu-driven implementation on any mobile phone without the internet.
Berkin Tosun, Helen Helmet, Jubril Adigun, Kaire Koljal, Mehmet Celen, Stanislav Bondarenko 

Sculptr provides custom AI-tailored workout and nutritional plans to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Tõnis Hendrik Hlebnikov - Team Lead / HR; Alvar Antson - Rockstar Developer; Andry Nõgols - Rockstar Developer; Artur Anderson - Rockstar Business guru; Fedor Stomakhin - Rockstar Scientist; Hannariin Lamp - Rockstar Business guru; Hans Henrik Viinalass - Rockstar Scientist; Jaagup Russak - Rockstar Developer; Katrin Raigla - Rockstar Scientist; Laura Eiche - Rockstar Designer; Remi Sebastian Kits - Rockstar Developer; Villem Tõnisson - Rockstar Developer


The 5-day course consisted of teamwork, intensive mentoring, hands-on talks on specific topics around launching a tech startup and inspirational talks by the #EstonianMafia founders. Teams got to listen talks by Jüri Kaljundi (Weekdone), Mihkel Pukk (Garage48), Maret Kruve (Garage48, Pipedrive), Stenver Jerkku (eAgronom), Jaana Metsamaa (Pipedrive), Siim Pruulman (Mooncascade), Martin Vares (Fractory), Marelle Ellen (Startup Day) and Kai Isand (Garage48).

The event was co-organised with Garage48, the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu and UT IdeaLab. The event was supported by HITSA and IT Academy.