IdeaLab projects


The Prototyping Centre of the University of Tartu offers a novel study and work environment for students and scientists, where modeling and simulations for new solutions can be performed.
The Prototyping Centre has three labs:
  • electronics lab,
  • virtual prototyping lab,
  • rapid prototyping lab.
Electronics Laboratory supports the creation and testing of sensors , robots and automation field prototypes . Protokeskus' electronics laboratory is divided into three parts : the electronics assembly space , electronics testing laboratory space , and the Idea Lab teams workshop .

Equipment used in the lab:

  1. Industrial Multimeter - Fluke 289
  2. Two channel DC bench power supplies -  TTi PL303QM 
  3. High power DC power supply - TTi CPX400S 420W 
  4. Two channel LAN enabled precision DC power supply - TTi QL355TP 
  5. DC load- TTi LD300 DC electronic load   
  6. High precision Digital multimeter - Textronix DMM 4050 Digital Precision Multimeter 
  7. Signal Generator- Agilent 33250A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 
  8. Soldering station - Weller WR 3M 
  9. Preheating plate Infrared Heating plate - Weller WHP200 
  10. Mobile fume extraction kit - Weller Zero-Smog 4V 
  11. Stereo microscope- Mantis Digital elite Cam 
  12. Reflow oven for soldering- LPKF Protoflow E 
  13. Digital oscilloscope - Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision MSO-X 3024A 
  14. Touch enabled 5GHz Digital oscilloscope - Agilent Technologies InfiniiVision MSO-X 4054A 
  15. Spectrum analyzer - ROHDE ja SCHWARZ HAMEG HMS3010 + antenn
  16. Computer Controllable LCR Bridge - ROHDE ja SCHWARZ HAMEG HMS8118 
  17. X-ray inspection system - PACE worldwide XR3700 
  18. Thermal Imaging Camera - OptoTherm EL320 + Switch & Sense 8/8 
  19. 40W CO2 Deluxe Hobby Laser - Full Spectrum Laser MLE-40 
  20. Rapid PCB Prototyping - LPKF Protomat S43 
  21. Monitors Dell 24" (4 pc) - Dell U2412M 
  22. Computers (2 pc) - Fujitsu Celsius 530W
  23. Other tools: screwdrivers, nippers, cutters, scalpel, cordless drill, Dremel 4000 etc...
Contact: Alo Peets, alo.peets[at]

Location: TÜ Tehnoloogiainstituut 1st floor, Nooruse 1-110, Tartu.

Virtual prototyping lab
teams are able to design prototypes or their parts, to carry out physical calculations and simulations. It is also possible to create prototype's 3D models and visuals that they can demonstrate to potential users . Visualization allows teams to receive feedback from users as early as possible , and to clarify the needs of the user in the many stages of product development . Virtual prototyping lab has two workstations have software for designing, visualizing and simulating physical processes.

Hardware and software used in the lab:
  • 2 workstations ( Modern Fujitsu desktop PC with 24 " monitor ) 
  • Design software for electronic circuits: EagleCad , Altium
  • Product design and simulation software : SolidWorks , SolidEdge , LucidChart , Balsamiq
  • Physical simulation software : COMSOL Multiphysics , LabVIEW 

Contact: Alo Peets, alo.peets[at] 
TÜ Tehnoloogiainstituut, I korrus, Nooruse 1-114, Tartu.

Prototyping lab enables teams to create the plastic , metal and wooden models of physical objects and prototypes.
Equipment available in the lab:
  • Double-component spray equipment Futura 180
  • Foam filling equipment Touch N Foam 600
  • Cold-sprayed metals' covering equipment
  • Vacuum chamber EasyComponents

Contact: Ander Eigo, ander.eigo[at]
TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia, Turu 7, Viljandi.

The creation of TÜ Protokeskus was supported by EAS.