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Kaleidoskoop finals in Tallinn at Latitude59

Kaleidoskoop finals have been a great starting point for many student teams who are now functioning companies. For example, the winner of the 2017 autumn season, Decomer Technology produces water-soluble packaging materials. The winner of the 2018 autumn season, TRIT makes ordering translation services easier. The best Starter team in 2019, CommuniCare is a social platform that unites volunteers all over Estonia to provide companions and communication partners for the elderly living in nursing homes. The winner of the 2019 Autumn season, the student team Münt produces eco-friendly toothpaste tablets. In 2022 at the sTARTUp Day finals Bankery, a fintech company that brings together loan applicants and banks to enable private individuals to get loans faster, cheaper, and with higher probability, got the Edu&Tegu award. Team Join who also competed at the sTARTUp Day finals 2022 developed an application that helps users achieve their goals by supporting each other. Now they have over 1500 people in their commune.

The best teams from Kaleidoskoop pre-selection will compete in the finals for money awards, tickets to different desired events, special awards and more.

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