Upcoming events
16:00-20:00 @UT Delta centre, Room 1021
Product/Sercvice Design
What will you gain in this workshop? You will hear about real-life examples of how approaching product development really makes a huge difference, how the whole story of a
company turns into a totally different direction when implementing design thinking.

Design is the most important part of your product or service. If you design your product poorly, won't consider the needs of your customers, then your business most probably won't do so well. So don't underestimate it and come to our workshop to learn how to design your idea to reality!

You will also examine the tools used in the design process and feature prioritization that will help you to focus on delivering value, not just building stuff.

The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
I am aware and I give my permission to:
1. Take pictures of me at the public event.
2. Use the pictures and videos for marketing purposes in the programme communications.
3. Use my information for entrepreneurship programme Edu ja Tegu participants statistics and feedback