Mentors help Starter Tartu teams reach their full potential

On the 13th of October Mentor Feedback Carousel in the STARTERtartu programme took place. It is one of the most valued events in the whole programme. This year the event took place in Spark HUB. The teams got valuable feedback and tips from the mentors to help further develop their idea.

This time there were 20 teams participating in the Mentor Feedback Carousel. To give them feedback there were 11 mentors from different areas of expertise. Most of the mentors had previous experience in attending the event but for some mentors, this was the first time.

The Mentor Feedback Carousel started with previously matched meetings between the teams and mentors. Later the teams could network with any mentors they wished and get feedback on their idea. The event was very enjoyable for both the teams and mentors.

Ants-Oskar Mäesalu gave a few words about the event: „I had a really hard time choosing my top 3 teams. It was really awesome to see so many teams and I couldn’t leave my table because the teams were so eager to get feedback!” Ants-Oskar also encouraged the teams to give him updates on how they are doing in the development of their idea.

Harold Oja, team lead of Biogas Collective was happy that the Mentor Feedback Carousel gave him a whole new perspective on his idea. The mentors gave him some new ideas that he had not thought about before.

Samir Musali, team lead of Grable gave us his view of the event: „We got what we wanted from the event. We got a clear view of what we need to focus on going forward and we got to talk to a lot of mentors which was really nice!”.

The Mentors who participated in the event were Ants-Oskar Mäesalu, Hanna-Liis Remmelg, Kei Karlson, Liina Joller-Vahter, Martti Saarme, Merili Auser, Sven Lilla, Sven Parkel, Taavi Tamm, Triinu Hansen and Marge Seppo. A big thank you to the mentors for your time and guidance to the teams!

The event was funded by the European Social Fund.

Additional information: Kristian Kutsar, Startup Lab Communications and Marketing Specialist, 5628 6536,